Here at Letters Against Depression, we write Letters of Hope and Support to people all over the world, spreading the message that you are not alone, and that you matter. Since we began in November of 2014, I have written letters to over 300 people from amazing places like Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, India, England, Scotland, Germany, Crete...the list goes on and on. People find us through social media and word of mouth, so growth has been slow but has been picking up exponentially in the last few much so it is becoming more than one person can do alone.

That is where amazing people (like you) come in. With more people coming on a volunteers, even for just a letter or two, we can have an even greater impact! Here is more information for the letter writing process...when you are ready to write, and want a new "assignment", email me at, and I will send a name, state/country and their story. You then can write a personal, inspirational letter to them. It can be whatever you want to talk about!

Typical letters are about 2-4 pages (one side of one sheet of paper is 1 page). Feel free to introduce yourself, talk about your experiences with depression, and basically just look to connect with them. Feel free to include an email or return address if you would like, in case they would like to write back. Once you are done, mail the letter to me and I will make sure it gets to the recipient. 

We are a nonprofit, 501c3 charity organization, so the time that you spend writing letters can be added to college resumes, or job applications. 

Sound good to you? Want to help us spread Hope and Support? Are you an amazing and awesome person?

Read the current Volunteer Opportunities below, find which one suits you the best, and click the link below to sign up with us. It truly only takes a minute...

To sign up to write with LAD, go to 

You can also access the portal from this site, through the PORTAL link above. 

If this is your first time with this new process, click on "Sign Up" under where it says "Need an Account". 

Once you have submitted the form, it will come to me to approve and set you up in the system. You will get an email when it is all set, and you'll be able to login to the page through the same link as above. 

Once in, you will be able to see your "dashboard"...all of the information that is pertinent to you.

  • The first section is your current "Claimed" assignments (more on this shortly)
  • The second section is the history of Letters that you have written to date and have been mailed by us
  • The last section is the list of assignments that you can choose from. 

Scroll through the list of assignments listed, and find one that you would like to write to. There can be many options, depending on how many requests are unfulfilled or needed, so we provide a "search" bar at the top that you can use to filter records. Maybe you want to write to someone who battles can type anxiety in the search to filter to the records that include that term. 

When you find someone to write to, click on the CLAIM RECIPIENT link at the end of the row. This will bring up a button to confirm that you want to claim this assignment as yours. When you claim an assignment, it will put the record in the first section of your dashboard, titled My Claimed Recipients, so you can always look to see who you are writing to and the details. By claiming an assignment, you also remove the name from the list of available assignments, so other volunteers will not see or be able to claim this assignment. It now belongs to you :)

When complete, mail the letter to us at:

Letters Against Depression
PO Box 136056
Clermont, FL 34713

Current Volunteer Opportunities:


  • Initial Letter Writer
    • Initial Letters are our first contact with our recipients. Individuals applying to be an Initial Letter Writer should have decent writing and communication skills. These letters are handwritten and at least 2 pages in length. Letters should be upbeat, positive, and deliver the message that “You are not alone” and that “You Matter”. When you request an assignment as an Initial Letter Writer, you must complete the letter within 1 week and mail it to us for delivery. 

  • Continued Contact Letter Writer
    • Continued Contact Letters are smaller, follow up letters to our Initial Letters. Individuals applying to be a Continued Contact Letter Writer should have decent writing and communication skills. Continued Contact Letters are less intensive and not as long as typical Initial Letters. Letters should be upbeat, positive, and deliver the message that “You are not alone” and that “You Matter”. When you request an assignment as a Continued Contact Letter Writer, you must complete the letter within 2 weeks and mail it to us for delivery. 

  • Artist Trading Card Creator
    • Create small, fun artwork to send out! About the size of baseball cards, a small message of Hope and Support is always welcome! We add these to letters that are going out to give more things to look forward to when opening our envelopes. 
  • Index Card Project
    • This fun project involves taking normal Index Cards, and coloring one side with anything you'd like that spreads Hope and Support. Make many at one time, and send to us in one envelope. We will add these to other Letters going out! Feel free to get creative!