Thank you for being one of the first Volunteers to help test our new system! Here's how it works...

Go to and if this is your first time with this new process, click on "Sign Up" under where it says "Need an Account". 

Once you have submitted the form, it will come to me to approve and set you up in the system. You will get an email when it is all set, and you'll be able to login to the page through the same link as above. 

Once in, you will be able to see your "dashboard"...all of the information that is pertinent to you.

  • The first section is your current "Claimed" assignments (more on this shortly)
  • The second section is the history of Letters that you have wrote to date and have been mailed by us
    • Includes the Letter ID (if your Letter ID for one of your records is 2450, that means it is the 2450th Letter that LAD has sent out)
    • Date that we sent it
    • Who it went to
  • The last section is the list of assignments that you can choose from. 

Scroll through the list of assignments listed, and find one that you would like to write to. There can be many options, depending on how many requests are unfulfilled or needed, so we provide a "search" bar at the top that you can use to filter records. Maybe you want to write to someone who battles can type anxiety in the search to filter to the records that include that term. 

When you find someone to write to, click on the CLAIM RECIPIENT link at the end of the row. This will bring up a button to confirm that you want to claim this assignment as yours. When you claim an assignment, it will put the record in the first section of your dashboard, titled My Claimed Recipients, so you can always look to see who you are writing to and the details. By claiming an assignment, you also remove the name from the list of available assignments, so other volunteers will not see or be able to claim this assignment. It now belongs to you :)

When complete, mail the letter to us (like normal) at:

Letters Against Depression
PO Box 136056
Clermont, FL 34713

You are free to claim as many assignments as you would like to complete in the timeframe needed...1 week if you are an initial letter writer and 2 weeks for Continued Contact letter writers. 

Any questions? Feel free to email me at 

Thank you kindly!