Fill out the form below to request your letters of Hope and Support.

  • You may only request a letter for yourself. Unfortunately, we cannot accept requests for friends or family at this time for privacy/legal reasons.

  • Feel free to share as little or as much about you in the "Tell me your story" section below. We would love to know more about you, to ensure that we can write you a unique and personal letter. Each letter is different, and we draw upon what you submit to make them. Talk about your history with depression/mental illness, things you enjoy doing, or stories that you would like to share. NOTE...anything you write in this section *may* be used in your letter.

  • All of your personal information below will never be shared...EVER. Even our Volunteer Writers will not have your information like last name, street address, etc. Our process is safe and secure, and ensures that your personal information is not given to anyone. Our volunteers only will see First Name, City/State/Country, Gender, and your Personal Story. We respect your information and keep it private. 

  • Letters take approximately 2-4+ weeks to arrive, depending on current number of requests outstanding.

  • You only need to request a letter once. When you are in our system, we will send new letters and cards whenever possible. Duplicate requests are unable to be fulfilled. If you have requested a letter before, and are in need of additional Hope and Support, email with your name and address, and we will try to accommodate the request as soon as possible. 

  • We mail letters worldwide! Need a letter in a different language? If so, include your preferred language in the Story section below, and we will try our best!

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Please use this area to tell us about yourself. Feel free to talk about your journey thus far with depression/mental illness, what things you like doing, special people in your life, your hopes and dreams...this is used by our writers to help compose a personal, unique letter to you!
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We only capture age as a way to help the writers get to know who they are writing to better. We write letters to people of ALL ages.
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At this time, we are not able to accept requests for friends or family members. Because of concerns over sharing medical information of others (depression and other mental illnesses are medical in nature), you may only request a letter for yourself.
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