Thank you so much for wanting to spread hope and support to people all over the world that are battling depression and other mental illnesses! We have such a need to help spread light to those that need it most, so your help is so appreciated. We are so excited to be partnering with Markiplier's Heroes to help those that are in troubled times. 

Here's how this special event works...

Choose a person from the list below, and then write a personal, inspirational letter to them. It can be whatever you want to talk about, as long as it is inspirational, positive, and upbeat. Typical letters are about 2-4 pages long and handwritten, but we can work with letters of any length (or typed if you absolutely cannot hand-write it). Feel free to introduce yourself, talk about your experiences with depression, and basically just look to connect with them. You are more than welcome to include an email or return address if you would like in your letter, in case you would like them to write back.

Once you are done, mail the letter to us at the address below, and we will make sure it gets to the recipient. 

Letters Against Depression
Markiplier's Heroes Event
PO Box 136056
Clermont, FL 34713

If you have an artistic talent that you would like to utilize to contribute, we have some ideas as well for you to help spread hope and support! We are also looking for anything that we can mail in a normal letter sized envelope. Send these to the same address as above. 

Some people make Index Card artwork, drawing/painting/coloring a phrase or image:

Also, Artist Trading Cards:

We are a nonprofit, 501c3 charity organization, so the time that you spend writing letters can be added to college resumes, or job applications, and any donations are tax exempt. If you find that you enjoy writing letters of hope and support, you can email us after the event to sign up as a Volunteer Against Depression. 

Thank you again for helping us spread the message that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and that YOU MATTER!

Recipient: Emily

Tell me your "story"...The more you share, the more personalized of a letter we can send!: I have been struggling with moderate/severe depression for the last 14 months. I am an undergraduate student in a difficult degree program and though I have lofty aspirations for my life after graduating, I often feel as though I will never be able to finish school because of my struggles with mental illness. Additionally I work 30-40 hours a week to make ends meet and still feel as though I can't support myself or find time to work on schoolwork. In the past four months I started medication and therapy to help but have had a difficult time adjusting to my medication and struggle with therapy. I am very introverted and find that I feel alone and isolated much of the time. My boyfriend and family are supportive but don't necessarily understand what I'm going through.

Address: Columbus, Ohio 

Recipient: Louise 

Tell me your "story"...The more you share, the more personalized of a letter we can send!: Hi, I'm Louise. I'm 27 years old, I am a support worker for adult with learning disabilities. I have struggled with anxiety and depression since my mum died in 2010. My childhood was very hard and traumatic. My dad has now just been recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer which they are not able to operate on. He's been given approximately a year to live depending on if Chemotherapy works or not I am really struggling with all the stress and worry at the moment, I'm finding it hard to keep afloat. I'm alright if I'm kept busy throughout the day but certain things trigger it off and then my mood will be low for the rest of the day. The family is really struggling with this news right now, my sister is making things difficult. She is causing unnecessary arguments and stress for my dad which is causing me more stress now. I could deal with the cancer and that worry but now I've got extra stress from my sister causing tension and it's just getting too much now. I just feel deflated all the time. I'm spending all my free time down with my dad which is putting my anxiety up as I'm not usually around so regularly as his behaviour sets it off but I don't want to miss out on the last year of my dad's life so I am putting my anxiety on the back burner for now but really struggling at the moment. I'm usually a snail mail writer myself, I have lots of penpals all over the world so I respond quite well to just siting down and reading a heartfelt letter which is why I have chosen this. I love photography, reading, walking and just relaxing doing nothing with my boyfriend of 8 years who I don't see hardly right now due to being down with my dad so much. My dad is an hour and a half away so it's not a short trip unfortunately. Sorry this is so long but I thought I would write how I was feeling rather than giving you the "short story". Thanks so much for writing to me if you do :)

Address: Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Name: Mikayla

Tell me your "story"...The more you share, the more personalized of a letter we can send!: My name is Mikayla. It seems that I have fallen back into that hole called Depression. I have this pattern of losing my best friends. I am always replaced with someone better. This has happened three times and just a few days ago it happened again. I'm tired of feeling like someone's leftovers. I'm just tired of life in general. I just want to know that someone out there cares. A little bit of hope would be nice.

Address: St. James, Minnesota

Recipient: Rosie

Tell me your "story"...The more you share, the more personalized of a letter we can send!: The problem is not how to say it but where to begin trying to explain... I didn't know what depression was til I was 11 and had experienced it for myself. I was always bullied and had very few friends. Back then I heard about people committing suicide and wondered if I'd be able to escape like them. I was introduced to a girl who was 17 at the time as I had only been 13 for a few months. She was awesome and we were inseparable and always got into trouble somehow without meaning to. In the 2 in a half years I was friends with her I hit some of my lowest points that I thought I'd never come out of. It was during these years with her my anxiety and panic attacks were made because of her older brother by 2 years. He would verbally abuse me saying I'm nothing and other things, he'd physically abuse me.. he almost chocked me to death sometimes I wish he did. I've cut during these times thinking and screaming at night what'd I done wrong to deserve any of this. I'd become hollow as my friend.. his sister said my boyfriend at the time that I loved so much was cheating on me... he wasn't but I believed her... it made me go through maybe stages of madness, sadness, then to being hollow. I thought about killing myself I thought it'd only be easier on everyone if I no longer was in their lives. But two of my friends... my saviors stopped me. Convinced me not to and tried to help me. I actually started to love one of them because of it because he wasn't letting me push away like I'd done to so many others. He made me tell him what was wrong and hold me while I cried on his shoulder. He's helped me more than he even knows. Though it's been a few years since I'd seen them... I saw her brother in January at the library. I was terrified what was I to do? He looked and knew it was me. Thoughts flooded of if he'd hurt me if he'd try to try such a thing in public as I rushed into the girls bathroI'm trying to call the one person who'd be able to calm me but no answer I exited only to see he was waiting for me on the stairs. He nodded to me as I passed brushing my arm with his as I tried to not run like I was just burned. The nightmares of him still haught me almost every night.. I've cried to the person I could to hear him say he'd never let anyone hurt me ever again. I've been crying to him to take me away from this town as all I see are reminders of what occurred those years ago.. I can't even walk like I used to love around town on a nice day without feeling like I'm going to pass out. My depression is bad again though I wouldn't tell him as to not worry him and hear his words of "cheer up". I only can when I'm away from this town. Only then do I breath easy. I don't bother talking to my friends of my problems because they have their own and I'd rather help them than to focus on my own. Though they torment my nightly thoughts causing me to be awake until 4 am reading books or writing books to try and keep my mind at ease. Even now after everything his words ring in my ears saying how worthless I am and other things. I can hardly look in the mirrior without thinking a negative comment. I've started drawing on my arm again trying to resist the urge to do harm again as that'd only hurt my friends if they happened to see them. Sometimes I wish my godfather was here still he'd never have let this happen he'd have been able to read through my lies of "I'm fine" or "sorry I was lost in thought". I worry I've disappointed him and that he looks down on me in disgust since I wasn't able to save myself... though I get told he'd be very proud of me.. all I can do is hope and I don't have a lot left

Address: Hoopeston, Illinois

Recipient: Mary 

Tell me your "story"...The more you share, the more personalized of a letter we can send!: I am a 19 year old girl and I have been chronically depressed for about 7 years. I also have severe Trichotillomania and agoraphobia. I have been getting better this past month and becoming less depended on other people. I have gained weight though and I have a bad body image of myself. I have never met anyone with similar diagnosis as me, but I hope I can get some kind words from someone here. I have been seeing a therapist for about 2 years and I am on several medications. I am interested in helping children and animals. My cat is my world. I am also Christian and look to God for some peace. I also just started college as of January 2017. I am only taking one class this semester, so I hope I can get an A. My goal is to be an elementary school teacher. I hope I can find true happiness soon.

Address: Yucaipa, California 

Recipient: Samantha 

Tell me your "story"...The more you share, the more personalized of a letter we can send!: I'm 19 years old. I grew up in a small town. I suffer from major depression and I tried to commit suicide on the 10th of February. I have since been put on medication. I also suffer from anxiety and ptsd. I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter who I had when I was 15. She's my world.

Address: Gothenburg, Nebraska 

Recipient: Claudia 

Tell me your "story"...The more you share, the more personalized of a letter we can send!: Hello, my name is Claudia I am 21 years old. I come from a Mexican Family with 2 older brothers my mom and dad. I work for Spectrum communications as a dispatcher. Meaning I have to stay sitting for 8 hours a day. Which is very difficult for me. I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety when I was about 15 years old. I always knew I wasn't "normal" but coming from a old school family they told me it was all in my head and never took me to a doctor. Once the doctor told them my diagnosis they didn't believe him said the doctor was crazy and we left. Ever since than ive felt so alone with this. Ive also suffered from depression when I was 14 never wanted to leave my room for the whole summer. I didn't eat didn't leave my room I weighed 87 lbs and had 0 friends. Luckily I had to start school and was forced to come out of my room. Unfortunately I was always bullied about how small and little I was. I began using Xanax and Paxil. I got very attached to my medicine I was starting to feel better. But part of me still felt so lonely. I constantly fought with my own thought on wanting to give up. I eventually made a few friends, not good ones though. I began smoking marijuana drinking a lot of alcohol. As of right now im on the verge on falling into deep depression im so afraid for myself. I don't want to go home right after work because that's when the thoughts come piercing into my brain. Its painful no one understands. I always just get told to move past it as if its so easy.

Address: La Puente, California

Recipient: Alyssa 

Tell me your "story"...The more you share, the more personalized of a letter we can send!: I am 24 and will be 25 in April. I love drawing, painting, music, jigsaw puzzles and reading. My favorite color is yellow but I also like purple and teal. My favorite animal is a hummingbird. I used to read dystopian type books but now I'm reading books that I can relate personally to. Reading has always been an escape for me. Right now I'm reading a book called Girl in Pieces. I love drawing and painting flowers. My grandma had a beautiful garden. She passed away a few years ago. Butterflies, flowers and hummingbirds remind me of her. Her favorite flower is the yellow rose. I love my family but I don't get all that much support from my parents. Trust is very hard for me. I've put trust in people only to have it betrayed. I have a few friends. But they are true friends. I have an older sister but we aren't all that close. 

I am going to school to become a teacher. I still doubt myself sometimes if I will be able to actually teach. Will I be good enough of a teacher? Will I even make it through all the classes I need to take? Some people say I should go into business and accounting. I'm good at math and I like numbers-they always stay the same and there is always an answer. But I can't see myself in a desk job. Business would be too easy. I want a challenge. I work with kids at 3 different jobs during the week. There's only been 1 job where I didn't work with kids and that was only a seasonal job. I love working with kids and being able to help them and watch them grow. 

I was diagnosed in 3rd grade with OCD. I was diagnosed with bipolar II and clinical depression in 4th grade. I've been on meds since then. Over the last 3 years I've been through 4 episodes of feeling suicidal and the urge to self harm. But I'm proud of myself that I reached out for help and didn't do either of those things. Over those 3 years I've really discovered who my true friends are. It hurt finding out people who I thought cared about me didn't care at all. Over the last year I have become proactive in caring for myself. I see a counselor at my college who is an intern and currently in school for becoming a therapist-that makes us closer in age which I think helps me feel more comfortable. And the fact that they are still in school means they are learning newer ways to approach and handle things and won't be so "old fashioned". The first counselor I went to see at school helped me in such a powerful and amazing way. She helped me out of the black hole and gave me tools that I use everyday to keep fighting depression and anxiety. She helped me believe in myself and find my strength. Some days it's hard to fight it. Other days it's a bit easier. Im still having trouble and finding motivation is really hard. But I'm working on it.

Address: San Jose, California

Recipient: Tehreem 

Tell me your "story"...The more you share, the more personalized of a letter we can send!: I have never made close friends. Always been a close friend to people, never made a close one for myself. Used to share with myself only. And then came she. My only best friend. Who I trusted with my life. Called my twin sister, my human diary, my soul mate. We planned each others graduations, weddings, first child, we planned old age together. She wanted me to get married to her brother. She used to get so happy only at the idea of us officially being family. And now she has another best friend. I feel dead inside. All dead. Ive begged her. Ive cried and Ive cried till I couldnt cry anymore. Ive begged her. She says she hates me. She says she cant hurt her new best friend. The only one person I trusted. The only sister I loved. She loves another. Her new friend is possessive; she doesnt approve of me. I feel dead. I wish I could hate them both. But I love her. As my sister. As my support system. Please, please, please, help me cope. I cant imagine life without Zahra, it feels as if Ive lost a sister to death. I see the two of them together at college, and I break down, its ruining my life.

Address: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Recipient: Ru

Tell me your "story"...The more you share, the more personalized of a letter we can send!: My name's Ru, I'm 17 and I'm transgender (FTM). So many bad things have happened to me in my life and I don't even know how to begin, but I'll sum it up as best as I can. I've a long history of depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts which started when I was 10. I started counselling after that for self-harm and I'm still at counselling (7 years later), but I don't feel like I've improved in any way or 'gotten better'. I don't feel like I'll ever 'get better'. 
I'll have a good couple of months and something will happen, usually something small and stupid, which will set me off and I'll have to start all over again. I was clean for 7 months and I self harmed again, part of me feels horrible for doing it because I was doing good. But part of me feels like I should just keep doing it, there's no point in stopping if I'm going to go back to self-harming every couple of months anyway. 
Recently I've been more occupied with my thoughts than concreting on life. As a child I was sexually abused and at first I never thought about it because I used to see it as a part of my past that I needed to move on from and ignore. But I can't do that anymore. Every time I try not to think about it it'll just pop back into my head, which usually causes me to have panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. He was a member of my family, so he's always around. My family know what happened because I told them everything, but he apologised so that makes everything fine again in their eyes. He didn't even apologise to me, he apologised to my mum. Which really annoys me, because he didn't do it to my mum, he did it to me. 
There's a lot of things mixed up in my head right now, I don't really know what's going on. I wanted to get better, I really did, but I'm constantly upset. It's so hard to not cry 24/7 and even when I get to bed and want to have a good cry over things my body doesn't let me. I just don't want to feel like this anymore, I feel so useless. Even though I'm at school every day, I work weekends and I (so far) have good grades I feel like I'm achieving nothing? I just feel like I'm going no where in life, and if I'm going nowhere why should I continue living? I just don't know anymore, I wish I could be happy, I really do, but my life just seems so pointless.
This is longer than I expected it to be, I'm sorry.

Address: Belfast, United Kingdom

Recipient: LJ (female)

Tell me your "story"...The more you share, the more personalized of a letter we can send!: Ever since i was a kid, i always had signs of depression but didn't know it then. I was under appreciated, unloved, misunderstood. I'd always go home angry for no reason and un interested to talk to my family. In grade school, i was the only 1 out of 8 girls who is not part of honors and that made me felt so weak and incompetent. I wanted to shine like others but i just cant seem to have friends by my side. I got into high school and it happened again, i had no friends, unpopular and incompetent. I had 3 failing grades and transferred to home school on my senior year because i was so sick of everything. Right now in 1st yr college, all i want is to make everyone proud of me. So i did my best to have good grades. In first sem, i got a 3.6 GPA, 4 being the highest. Though what i wanted right now is to prove everyone wrong, so i told my family i'll be transferring to the top university in my country. So i feel frustrated and unsupported right now. I hate having anxiety and occasional depression. I wanted to speak up but i have no friends i can fully trust.

Address: Quezon City, Philippines

Recipient: Shannon

Tell me your "story"...The more you share, the more personalized of a letter we can send!: Well, it's a pretty complicated messy and ugly story. My name is Shannon. My stepfather has emotionally put me down, called me names, never ever saw positive attributes to my life, it was always negative negative. I am now 23 and he still puts me down and tries to control my life. When I was 16 years old I entered a relationship filled with fun until I moved in with him and he became controlling, I couldn't have any contact besides him and his family. I had no family, no friends. Just school and him. He also became very physically abusive which led to a miscarriage of our child. And lastly, I was bullied... A lot through elementary all the way to high school. I used to suffer with self harm! But I've been safe for 4\5 months and I'm currently in therapy. I grew up in NJ and moved to Nebraska with my husband and child. We have our own life and love by no ones control or rules but ours. It feels good. I struggle with loneliness , I take things too personally, I'm emotional and struggle with unhealthy thoughts. But I am fighting, I will never give up and I'm working on myself, for myself.

Address: Cozad, Nebraska